Interviewing With Alexander Whitman

     Alexander Whitman is a former student at Freedom high school, he likes Freedom so far saying “I think that it’s open and free. Also I have been lost twice and thought it was funny and the teachers here are nice.” Whitman, 14, was thinking about being a video game designer, “I want to be a video gamer designer because I love playing video games.” In 7 years, he sees himself attending at University of Central Florida. Whitman plans to attend in a club or two, but yet doesn’t know which one to join, nevertheless he does want to create a chess club for Freedom high school. “I’d rather live in United Kingdom because its better than the United States and they have better sights to see.” He was asked if he played any sports and unfortunately, Alex Whitman doesn’t play any sports for his high school. On the other hand, he does admire Nike, (while touching his jacket) “they make nice products…” Whitman has traveled to places like Canada, New York, Disneyland (Orlando), and also Pittsburgh. And lastly, Alex Whitman claimed “If I could change my name if would’ve been Harambe,” adding “because he deserves a second chance in life.” Whitman giving his opinion, “Twitter is better than Facebook because I think its more relevant and more trendy in our generation.”

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